How It All Started...

It all started with a CFP.

My advisor suggested I propose a panel for the Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo as a way for me to network and meet other scholars of medieval Scottish literature. My program, located in Western Pennsylvania, is generalist and pedagogy focused. The number of doctoral students studying medieval literature is very low and those studying Scottish makars literature even lower. Just me, as far as I am aware. Posting the CFP was my way of sending out a help beacon: who else is out there who can show me what is possible? What opportunities are available within this field?

And that is when I heard from Lucy for the first time.

"I have noticed your 'Scottish Makars' panel under 'Special Sessions' in the Kalamazoo CfP for 2015. It sounds very interesting, and I wondered if there was any room for another proposal for your consideration?"

This email started a chain of friendly exchanges where we discovered that we had a lot in common and we were both eager to meet and work with one another.

I mentioned to Lucy that I was thinking about starting a society to at least try to guarantee a panel at Kalamazoo each year. But when we met in May of 2015 and got to chatting, our enthusiasm seemed to take it further. Why not Leeds? MLA? ICMRSLL? Why not a possible publication in the future? Maybe an annual conference a few years down the road? The more we chatted, the more we realized that this was becoming something real and something exciting.

We hope that you find this society to be representative of that enthusiasm and excitement. We want to encourage scholars to study this field. We hope that this society aids in the advancement of research, professional personas, and pedagogies. Welcome to the MMS!